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Special Education Director's Message

My name is Toni Brun and I am Hill City School District's Special Education Director.  In addition to overseeing Special Education programs, I oversee the Title III (English Language Learners) program, Title I program, act as our Section 504 coordinator, and oversee our McKinney-Vento program.  I am continuously impressed by the amazing dedication our school staff shows for the students, their families, and the community and feel lucky to be a part of such a talented and committed group of people.  Hill City students are truly blessed to have access to such amazing facilities and high quality education.  The support of the community is evident within the buildings.


If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If I can't help you personally, I can assist you with finding appropriate resources and support.  


If you have any questions regarding special education, Title I, Title III, or Section 504 please click on the email link and send me a message or call my office number.  My office is located in the middle school building.

As always if you have question or concerns you may contact me at [email protected] or 605.574.2281.