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District Budget

Hill City School District budget documents for several school years are provided below. Patrons of the district are encouraged to contact the superintendent or business manager with any budget question.  We also encourage patrons to attend monthly school board meetings. 

Hill City School District operates four budget funds. Each has its own rules and regulations in terms of allowable expenditures.

General Fund: Day to day operations that include: utilities, fuel, salaries/benefits, supplies etc.  Revenues from federal and local sources.  The district does not receive state aid to education as our local tax base generates our local need as determined by rules established in the state school funding formula.  Property valuations are set by the county and levys are set by the state of South Dakota.   

Capital Outlay Fund: Purchase /lease of items expected to last more than one year and are >$300.00. Building repairs that are >$1,000.00 that are “improvements” to the structure.  Up to 45% of capital outlay fund revenue may be “flexed” to cover General Fund expenditures.                                                                                              
Impact Aid Fund:  Impact Aid dollars are federal funds provided to schools in lieu of local property taxes. This fund tracks the receipt and distribution of payments from the US Education Department office of Impact Aid.  Impact Aid dollars may be distributed to any other fund operated in the school district.
Special Education Fund: Dollars allocated to salaries, supplies, professional services toward education of special needs students. Sources of revenue include local and federal dollars.
Federal Programs
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U.S. Education Department - Impact Aid Office
National Association of Federally Impacted Schools
National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition
 US Dept. Agriculture
Secure Rural Schools Act