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Facility Use Reservations and Agreements


It is the intention of these guidelines to make school facilities available for use by the public without causing undo hardships on the taxpayers, students, and staff. The School Board will not allow interrupting the normal operation of the school or deterioration of the facilities and/or equipment due to misuse. With these restrictions in mind, the superintendent will consider each request and evaluate its implications for the facilities, students, and staff, and the board will give full support to his/her decision. Facilities, for the purpose of this policy, include all of the buildings and/or grounds of the District.


All users of the building will provide responsible adult supervision. Persons will not be allowed in the building until the adult supervision is present. The supervisors must remain in the building until all the participants have left and the building is secured.


Subject to the approval of the Board, the Superintendent is directed to maintain procedures which implement the use of school facilities.


Permission given for the use of the school facility shall not be considered an endorsement by the School District of the activities, purposes, and philosophies of the USER.


All organized youth groups from within the District comprised of persons not older than high school age may use school facilities rent-free.


Use of school facilities will be rent-free to all non-profit civic, educational, and charitable meetings or activities that benefit the local community if no admission is charged and no collection is taken.


School sponsored groups may use the facilities at no cost. School supervisors that direct that activity are responsible for supervision and building security.


Use of school facilities by employees of the District for other than District purposes or functions will be in accordance with the Class D rental charges schedule. Employees will fill out use agreement. Inclusion of any non-employees will constitute a Class C rental.


All applicants for use of district facilities shall hold the Hill City School District 51-2 free and without harm, from any loss or damage liability or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy of district facilities. Any applicant not willing to hold the school district harmless must provide the superintendent with proof of liability insurance no less than 24 hours prior to use of school facilities. Applicants will provide the district a copy of a $1 million Certificate of Liability Insurance that includes the actual dates of use. This certificate must be attached with the application prior to the date of use.


The school district facilities are not designed nor intended for long-term commercial use either during the school year or during summer vacation months.


The use of school facilities will be granted only when a proposed activity is suited to the available facility and does not violate the District policies or State and/or Federal Law.


Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs/substances are not permitted on school grounds. Tobacco use is not permitted




The following activities will be prohibited on school grounds or in school facilities:

  1. Partisan political meetings;
  2. Promulgating any theory or doctrine subversive to the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof advocating governmental change by violence;
  3. Any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners or taste, or be injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment;
  4. Any purpose during the school day or during school activities. Applicants must seek board approval to request use of a facility during the school day or during school activities.
  5. Commercial advertising;
  6. The school district facilities are not designed nor intended for long-term commercial use either during the school year or during summer vacation months.
  7. The activities allowed by this policy notwithstanding, no commercial activity shall be associated with any organization whose primary source of revenue is the sale of products or services not legal for purchase by minors; contain vulgar and plainly offensive, obscene, or sexually explicit language; advocate the violation of law or District policy; advance any religious or political organization; promote, favor, or oppose a candidate for elected office or a ballot measure; be associated with any company or individual whose actions are inconsistent with the District’s mission and goals; or otherwise be in violation of the law.
  8. Fund-raising campaigns except as permitted by Board policy or special action of the Board;
  9. Activities which are discriminatory in the legal sense.   
Permission may be granted to allow local colleges and universities, which may charge tuition, or school personnel to use district facilities for staff improvement or in-service training. Private teaching, either by individuals employed by the school district or by outside agencies or persons, for which tuition is charged will require board approval before facilities may be used.
CLASS A: Any commercial event that is not free to the general public, or one at which a donation is solicited, or one where space is charged back to vendors. * Denotes $500.00 damage deposit due with application. District officials will determine release of deposit upon completion of post-event inspection of district property.Payments must be made in advance, and no rental agreement will be completed until payment in full has been made.
CLASS B: Conventions, reunions, family gatherings, receptions, business and sales meetings, etc. that do not charge admission, do not have novelty or program sales nor freewill offerings, or do not charge back school space to a vendor. * Denotes $500.00 damage deposit due with application. District officials will determine release of deposit upon completion of post-event inspection of district property.
CLASS C: All adult recreational groups from within the District. All non-profit civic, educational and charitable sponsored events when the proceeds are used to benefit the local school and community and admission is charged, a collection taken, or a fee charged the participants by the activity sponsor, or money is raised in some fashion.
CLASS D: All school sponsored groups, community youth groups, non-profit civic groups, educational and charitable events to benefit the local community if no admission is charged, no collection taken, or if school space is not charged back to another vendor. There will be no rental fee charged for CLASS D events.
CLASS E: For profit fitness classes held in fitness center, wrestling room, or other similar location – 10% of proceeds of each class session. For profit fitness classes held in fitness center using school district equipment – i.e. weight machines, spinning bikes, etc. – 25% of proceeds of each class session.
Minimum DAILY RENTAL FEES to be charged are as follows:

                                                              Class A      Class B         Class C      Class D

High School Theater/Lecture Hall        $415.00*       215.00*      115.00         No Fee

High School Music Room                     $305.00         155.00         80.00        No Fee

High School Commons                         $210.00         110.00        60.00         No Fee

HS Student Store/Ticket Booth             $102.00            52.00        27.00        No Fee

Computer Labs                                     $205.00          105.00        55.00        No Fee

Gymnasium/Gins’ Court                       $555.00*        305.00*     180.00        No Fee

Burden Gymnasium                              $225.00*        125.00*       55.00        No Fee

Small Gym                                            $120.00*          70.00*       35.00        No Fee

Burden Gym & Small Gym                    $295.00*        170.00*       82.00       No Fee

Classroom                                             $  53.00              28.00      13.00       No Fee

Concession Booth                                 $  52.00              27.00      12.00       No Fee

Football Field & Track                           $  90.00*          65.00*       50.00       No Fee

(without Restrooms/Concessions)           

Football Field & Track                           $125.00*          90.00*       60.00      No Fee

(with Restroom/Concessions)                   

Additional Fees for Football Field & Track:

Use of Lights and PA System                    $150.00 in addition to facility use fee

PA System Alone                                         $25.00 in addition to facility use fee


If a theater technician, sound technician, lighting technician, or computer technician is required, the lessee will be charged at a rate of $40.00 per hour with a minimum of $40.00.


Prices may be subject to change at the option of the School Board. Rates may be negotiated for events that benefit the Hill City School District.


Rental of facilities does not necessarily include the use of equipment (tables, chairs, sports equipment, extension cords, etc.) Usage of equipment must receive prior approval of superintendent (or designee)


The KITCHEN will not be available for rental or use unless it is a specifically designated school activity, school group, or a board approved non-profit group.


Any person, public body, or group given permission to use school facilities shall be responsible to the District for all damages that may be caused by reason of such use or occupancy.  


The school buildings will not be used for overnight stays except for school-sanctioned events or emergency situations.

To reserve a facility select a link below. Facility Use Policy documents, in PDF format below, must be filled out and signed as well as uploaded into the reservation request.