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HCSD Board of Education Approves New Vision, Mission, Core Values!

At their January 14th board of education meeting, Hill City School District board members approved the Strategic Planning and Accreditation Committee's recommendations for the district's new Mission statement, Vision statement, and Core Values. Our new vision, mission, and core values will serve as the foundation for leadership decisions now and into the future.
We are grateful for the work completed by members of the district Strategic Planning and Accreditation Committee! Membership includes board of education representatives, students, parents, faculty, and administration. The committee is preparing the strategic plan and will also facilitate the upcoming AdvancED System Accreditation team visit schedule for March 17th through March 20th. 

Our Vision:   Advancing Education to Empower Every Student to Succeed in a Rapidly Changing World


Our Mission:  Hill City School District will continue to advance opportunities for critical and innovative inquiry into a variety of areas - academics, professional/skilled trades, the arts, and technology - by creating instructional experiences that are engaging and rigorous in an environment that is physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe for all learners.


à Academic Excellence: Preparing our students for the future through personalized experiences offered in a setting powered by equitable access to a variety of courses and instructional methodologies focused on the 21st century learner.

à Emotionally Healthy and Safe Environment for All: Creating a safe and healthy climate, culture, and physical space focused on the whole student, employee, and community member experience.

à Community: Embracing the voices of  all community members in the educational process promoting communication, trust, support, and cooperation.

à Empowering Faculty and Staff: Engaging faculty and staff through professional learning experiences and supported instructional design and delivery methodologies empowering educators to be life-long learners.

à Fiscal Responsibility: Leaders serving as good stewards of taxpayer dollars effectively utilizing resources to empower our cadre of professional educators and to deliver world class educational experiences through innovative, equitable, and personalized student learning experiences.