Winter Weather Preparedness!

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas with this fantastic Fall weather we have been experiencing! But we should be ready when the snow and cold weather do set in sometime this year! 
The South Dakota Department of Education provided school administrators with the following message. Winter weather preparedness. The Department of Public Safety has asked us to share resources related to winter weather preparedness – one of which is the annual Winter Weather Preparedness Guide. In addition, DPS  has created a downloadable winter storm preparedness book featuring the mascot, Tommy the Turtle. Hill City School District also wants to remind everyone to be prepared and wear/pack appropriate cold weather clothing for travel to and from school and as students transition among buildings throughout the day!
The decision to call off or adjust the school day due to weather is an important decision for school superintendents. Consulting with our bus shop manager, district maintenance supervisor as well as state and county highway department officials begins very early in the morning or possibly the night before when potentially poor weather is forecast to come our way.  We are so lucky to have many dedicated professionals in our area working hard to keep our roads safe for school, economic activity, and winter recreational activities! I'm honored to work with all of them, day or night,  to make the best decision possible regarding travel to and from school. 
When potentially poor weather is forecast to impact our area and I've made the decision to adjust the school schedule for the day, you'll receive word via Infinite Campus Messenger - voice, text, and email. In terms of late start or school cancellation, I will make that determination and send notification to you no later than 5:45 a.m.- frequently you'll hear my voice as your wake up call around 5:15 a.m.-5:30 a.m.! Information regarding no school, late starts, and early dismissals will also be posted on our school district website, school app, and through media outlets that include KOTA, KELO, KEVN. 
Let's enjoy this fantastic weather right now but take some time to think about and prepare for Winter Weather around the corner! Thank you so much!