Safe Schools Week: Oct 16 - Oct 22

Each and every day our faculty and administration are dedicated to providing the best educational climate and culture for our students. Building a positive culture for learning requires many attributes that include: professional and highly skilled cadre of faculty members, meaningful curricular and co-curricular opportunities at all levels, well maintained buildings, as well as safety and security protocols.

October 16th- 22nd is America’s Safe Schools Week. Our board of education, administration, and faculty take the responsibility for school safety very seriously. We have board policy and building level procedures in place focused on response measures to several safety issues that we hope may never occur. Our teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators take great care to provide optimal supervision of students during the day. We practice fire drills as well as lock down drills multiple times during the school year. Access to our facilities during the day is controlled via video/audio door entry systems. The district also maintains strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies and emergency responders. We are very grateful for the incredible women and men who serve our community in their roles as First Responders!

One of the best methods to promote a safe environment for our students is simple – If you see something or hear something -- SAY something. Teachers and administrators will immediately follow up on any threatening statement or action with an appropriate level of response that may include assistance from law enforcement personnel.

By working together, we can recognize each and every week as a Safe Schools Week in Hill City School District. If you have any questions or concerns regarding school safety, please feel free to contact me or any building administrator. Thank you so much for all you do making our district a great place to learn and grow!