2018-2019 School Year Up and Running!

Hello! On behalf of the Hill City School District board of education and our talented and gifted professional employees, welcome to Hill City School District for a great year of learning and activities enriching all students along their educational journey! Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow with you this school year!
During teacher in-service, I highlighted three leadership goals I'll be focusing on this school year.
  • The first is school safety and security. We are dedicated to enhancing our security protocols every year. District employees and students will receive training this year in the ALICE framework. Through a strong partnership with the Pennington County Sheriff's Office; we look forward toward implementation of this framework throughout the school year. The board of education will act at September 10th's board meeting to approach Pennington County for a School Resource Office in our district. If you see something, say something! Project Stand Up for School Safety is a new anonymous method to report suspicious behavior or threats or violence. Text "SAFE" to 82257 and district officials will receive the information and work cooperatively with law enforcement to investigate information provided through this reporting system. Please feel free to contact any administrator regarding information you feel may be threatening in nature.
  • I am pleased to work with our new Strategic Planning and Accreditation Committee to develop a new Purpose Statement, Vision and Mission statements, Core Values, and Initiatives! The committee is made up of parents, faculty members, board members, and administrators. We are excited to redefine, re-engage, and re-energize leadership opportunities through this process! Engaging all stakeholders in this process is very important, and we look forward to receiving your feedback as the committee moves deeper into this leadership activity!
  • Celebrating, Supporting, and Sustaining Innovation! Our faculty are dedicated toward excellence and equity of instruction and opportunities to improve student success! Innovative instructional practices in inside and outside the classroom promote and encourage the development of college and career ready students.
Stay tuned as we highlight instructional practices and activities this year promoting student engagement at all levels throughout the district!
Thank you for the opportunity to serve your children each day! Please be sure to contact me anytime as we work together to provide the best educational experiences for our students along their educational journey!