First Semester Flying By!

Hard to believe we are nearing the end of November already! Busy schedules have kept us all engaged in school activities!

At the elementary school, Standards Based Report cards and an innovative Kindergarten - First Grade setting have been implemented. Teachers have designed daily schedules that promote independent, small group, and large group learning opportunities in mathematics and literacy.  Our middle school Ranger Time has renewed focus on improving student skills sets in the core academic offerings while improving technology skills by introducing additional coding opportunities. High School students are enrolling in more dual credit courses offered through South Dakota's university and technical schools, and online high school courses offered through the South Dakota Virtual High School. Our Hill City High School faculty provide exemplary core academic and college level coursework delivered right on campus! Our amazing fine arts and co-curricular programs anchor our commitment to a well-rounded education for students at all levels. 

It's impressive to see examples of academic and co-curricular activities engaging our students outside of the traditional methods of instruction we as adults experienced as students! It's a start, but we are not done! My leadership goal is to expand the current artifacts defining the new educational space and systemically deliver more opportunities to ALL students at EVERY grade level to personalize their learning experience. We look forward to engaging all stakeholders this year and beyond examining and re-designing our educational programming to mirror the ever changing and global world experienced by our students.

My sincere thanks to faculty, administration, families, PIPTO members, and especially our AMAZING students for making Hill City School District a great place to learn and grow!